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this is a group for people (mainly teens) to come and show their writings with each other. the writings can be about anything you want! It can be stories, poems, etc.
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Feb 11, 2010


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We call this teen angst.
Asphalt on bare feet and night air on bare skin,
we are silent and his car is in neutral and we
are slowly and quietly entering the old world.
I am too young to be drinking, to be smoking,
to be driving, but the steering wheel is cool
beneath my fingers and she trusts me, she
loves me. "Don't crash my car," he says and
laughs. We are all cross-eyed and giddy, filled
with vodka and cigarette smoke and this is a
bad idea, but I don't say so. Lately, bad ideas
are all that can keep us from rotting inside.
The tires fall away and we are flying, I swear,
we are sailing as the night swirls by
in shades of indigo and green.
He is eighteen and my new best friend, buying
us cigarettes and lending us cars. She and I,
we just want to feel alive, and killing ourselves
seems to be the best way to do it. He's telling
me some story that I'll never remember, and
she's quietly smoking through a window in the
back, and we are soaring back through the rift
in the universe to a silent house. We are at pea
:iconsirenseranade11:sirenseranade11 46 25
I hate you Haiku
You are very hard to do
Go back to Japan
:iconspazzbite:Spazzbite 536 232
I Can See The Moonlight
The breeze whistled gently through the gaps in the trees,
Rustled the meadows long, tangled grass,
Slid over the still lake, making never ending ripples in its glistening waters,
And met the girls hair, flying behind her.
Her eyes met his, no longer empty as they reflected in each others,
Her still, small hand reached up and wiped the tear from her crimson cheek,
Instinctively her other hand rose from her side and met his, grasping it tightly,
And her eyes glowed, flashing brightly in the tree's scattered shade.
His eyes glowed brilliantly, and his heart beat heavily in his chest,
The eyes looking into his own made him glow inside,
He said the words he felt inside him,
Echoing inside.
She smiled up at him, perfect happiness showing in her small smile,
She grasped his hand tighter more,
She didn't break eye contact,
And she felt her heart skip.
His mouth opened, and he spoke the three words,
He spoke the three words from his heart,
He felt tears of happiness tinging his eyes,
And felt t
:iconartificiallywarped:ArtificiallyWarped 3 10
Moving on
Take my hand, follow my footsteps,
Don't be afraid to smile,
Or to open your heart,
Or to look into my eyes.
Just breathe. Focus,
Look into my eyes and know,
That you and your heart are safe with me,
No harm will come to you, I want you to know.
This path we take will lead us to light,
Love and tender moments,
Stars and silver linings,
Sunset and moonlight.
So please take my hand,
Because together we can succeed,
We can be happy, we can reach the light,
Where darkness does not prowl, but sunshine does.
The boy was shaking,
His hands screwed tightly up in fists,
He wipes his eyes vigorously, similar to a small baby,
For what he sees below him, he does not know whether to believe.
His body is violated, sprawled out like that on the road,
His head is open, red paint leaking out,
His neck looks odd, twisted like that,
His eyes are empty.
He watches beneath him,
As his lifeless body remains below,
The screams of other life go unheard,
The cries of his family, of the onlookers and mourners.
:iconartificiallywarped:ArtificiallyWarped 8 12
Morning Dawn
This morning there was a dawning.
A realization,
Swift and brilliant,
Far fetched? I will see.
Routinely I wipe away those tears,
From the horrors of the dark night,
I rise from my bed,
feel the soothing wooden floor upon my shaking bare feet.
Grateful; I was awake now and all was safe.
Sparked, it turned to happiness as the morning sunlight,
Pierced its rays through my window,
Through the dismally patterned curtains.
I gaze longingly outside,
The golden, gently windswept fields of barley,
The blue waterfalls, neatly finishing off the twisting streams,
Trickle and sprinkle, amongst the green hills.
The dawning grows,
Just like the pink sky now rising.
Utmost intensified longing,
That one day,
I will be free of this fright.
Unmistakable the optimism was,
Its presence clear in the air,
Strong, like the scent of the sweet flowers,
Breezing through my now open window.
Hope, realization,
Dawning and rising of the sun,
Of me,
In mind and body.
One day I will walk these
:iconartificiallywarped:ArtificiallyWarped 8 21
Please come back?
Colour, revealed so sharply,
landscape, thrown so subtly,
so sudden,
into a growing darkness.
Crimson cheek, marked with moisture,
the damp trail of a tear,
sweeps the surface.
A pale blue iris, sad and defeated,
a blink and the eyelids close,
in a moment,
the remaining colour leaves.
Once so beautiful, so bright,
the light vanished from,
stolen in a sense,
from a light one glowing.
Oh what to compare it to,
perhaps a rainbow, flecked across the horizon,
then in a flash,
wiped away, an eraser upon paper.
:iconartificiallywarped:ArtificiallyWarped 3 15
Light up Bright
The light, at first all but a flicker,
flashed beyond the borders,
bathing the shadows of below,
momentarily illuminated by a glimpse of something bright.
The plain white wall lay bare,
before the paint splashed upon it,
exploding it's thousand colours upon its surface,
in a splash of euphoria, love and inspiration.
Light up,
light up so bright,
flashing in the moonlight,
lit up by those stars, in the starlight.
A boy sits quietly in a meadow, his eyes vibrant,
sitting facing a beautiful girl, their hearts in each others,
their gaze held,
and both hearts skip a beat, in unison and as one.
She is his light, so bright,
his very own starlight,
that twinkles in the moonlight,
ever so bright.
:iconartificiallywarped:ArtificiallyWarped 6 13
Is My Ending Happy?
This chapter is ending much too quickly
So much still left unsaid
I'm running out of time
I'm running out of pages
So much still left unsaid
I'm never the main character
I'm easily forgotten
My voice goes unheard
I've done little to affect the story
Never done anything for the smallest bit of glory
People don't know who i am
In the halls they walk on, passing me by
In class i'm invisible never saying more than a sigh
Yes i do have loveing friends
And i don't care about setting trends
But my time is flying dangerously fast
Soon will come the year that is my last
I want to be heard
Want my identity unblurred
Others will no longer write the story for me
I will have confidence, I will set myself free
God is the true author of my story
This chapter is ending much too quickly
So much still left unsaid
Do I end up happy?
Do I end up happy
:iconbeachbumm12k:BeachBumm12K 9 5
it's not the waY out
whatever the problem is about
it's not the way Out
please trUst my words without doubt
it's not the way out
there is love you don't see
give him your burdens And you will feel free
reveal youR pain by removing your mask
call out for help, speak up and ask
don't suffer in silencE, you are not alone
heLp can solve your problems that constantly drone
it'll be ok so don't give up dOn't runaway
your pain will escape you if you wait and stay
if you were to leaVe us tomorrow
everyonE would be plagueD with sorrow
you left us, you're gone
now our pain goes on
you ascended, you went home
on clouds you now roam
atleast you're happy now....
:iconbeachbumm12k:BeachBumm12K 13 23
Ribbons and Memories
Tie the blue ribbon around your wrist
Now slowly try to unclench your fist
In memory we wear the ribbon for her
She was so loved this i'm sure
At times like this you need a friend
Inside you're hurting, can't smile can't pretend
Sorrow covers even those who were not close
A serving of grief, such a large dose
Depending on the day, you have ups and downs
Like an old bumpy road far from the towns
Like a forgotten song, you can barely hum
You can't remember bliss, your hearts gone numb
You try to let go and attempt to have fun
But you don't have the heart to smile, skip or run
It is going to take time for everyone to heal
In our hearts the happy memories will forever be real
:iconbeachbumm12k:BeachBumm12K 6 18
Missionary Heart
I notice the pain they try so hard to hide
I filled with sorrow, for them my tears are cried
So badly i want to help heal
But to some, happiness will never be real
In my heart it's pure agony to see
Don't know what to do with just me
What is it that I can even do
Give me something and I will see it through
I see thee others hidden tears of pain
To most it's disguised by the rain
Eyes blind to the ones who cry
Ignorant to it, they walk on by
I am unable to walk on by blind
Their pain is something my heart will always find
My heart will always hurt for others
I will never be blind to one who suffers
:iconbeachbumm12k:BeachBumm12K 8 28
Let Them Grieve
Is it fear that drives pain of bad news
Missing them that brings sorrow
Is it the shock that makes thoughts stay
Either way such pain cannot just go away
People say "i'm sorry, i'm sorry"..............obligation
People start to ask questions..............not there buisness
Everyone asks "are you ok?"..............they should already know
People say things they don't know to be true
There is one gift the hurting need to recieve
Please give them their time to grieve
:iconbeachbumm12k:BeachBumm12K 9 12
At a happy time
It's fun to try and rhyme
going around acting silly
dancing around in a dress so frilly
laughing so loud laughing so hard
your stomach starts to feel marred
youre smiling so big
when everyone joins the jig
youre singing youre dancing
youre frolicking your prancing
everyone is bursting with joy!
come on, join in don't be coy
when night comes it wont be gone
The happiness will still go on
it's a feeling felt in a care-free fashion
its a feeling so deep, pure passion
This feeling is allurment
this state is pure enchantment
Everything doesn't need to make sense
Who cares, embrace the nonsense
the ocean is winking
the grass is even thinking
The clouds copy our flowing movements
Our reflections in the sky for brief moments
The sun smiles cause he finds it amusing
It's a happiness no one is refusing
Our reverie cannot be broken
This is no dream from which to be woken
This may be peculiar to some
But their hearts are glum
They're nostalgic, liveing in memories
minds stuck on ol
:iconbeachbumm12k:BeachBumm12K 1 6
Chelsea Elise Clark
Crystal clear tears are streaming down
Hitting softly as they fall to the ground
Everybodys crying out for you
Leaning on eachother cuz they don't know what else to do
Sadness covers everyones face
Everyones mind continues to race
Another beloved one gone that we can't replace
Eternity is where you have gone but hearts still ache
Longing to see your smile but you will not wake
In heaven, finally home is where you are
Sadness covers faces because you're so far
Everyone will be searching for you, the brightest star
Crystal clear tears falling from our eyes
Leaving this world came to us as a suprise
Always in our memories, you will be
Red eyes from all these tears is what you'd see
Kept inside our hearts, you'll be there forever with a lock and key
:iconbritanica14:britanica14 19 19
Beauty Is...
A mother's love,
That gentle smile
That radiates
Within a mile.
A love two people share,
A love so passionate and pure
That the bond never breaks,
And for everything is the cure.
For me true beauty is internal.
Striving for a pure soul,
Being good and kind,
That's true beauty's goal.
External beauty wilts with time
Like a pretty flower
But your internal beauty
Is something that lasts forever.
:iconhira-kokoro:Hira-Kokoro 3 8
Good night, sleep tight.  Let your dreams carry you away.  
The dreamland train is coming to take you to places you never knew.  
Good night, sleep well.  
Let your dreams take you on adventures you never thought possible, go to places you never been.  
England, France, China, Japan!  
And when you wake, tell me about your adventures in Dreamland.
:iconblue-eyed-hippie-63:Blue-Eyed-Hippie-63 4 13
Hey everyone,
The #theWrittenRevolution is having a contest!  Here is the the info below:

"I am ~cherrichan13, an admin over at #theWrittenRevolution. We have recently launched our Summer Haze contest in order to celebrate the upcoming holidays on this part of the globe.  All of our friends who are experiencing winter right now are free to write about their winter experiences instead."

You can go #theWrittenRevolution (thewrittenrevolution.deviantar…) for more info on it. :)

More Journal Entries


Welcome everyone to my group, Teen-Literature!
I really would like to thank everyone for joining. I'd just like to make a few rules.

1. I would like to limit each person to two submissions a week.

2. If you are going to comment, please don't be mean, or use any profanity. I know it might sound strange not to use "wtf" or anything like that, but for me, and maybe for other people, it can be offensive or annoying. If I find people are swearing, I'll give them 2 more chances. If they keep doing that, I'll kick them out. This might sound really harsh, but swearing is extremely offensive for me and other people. So when commenting, please be nice, and if people want to get tips or anything about writing, please try and help them out! :)

3. Please, don't submit anything with a mature tag on it. If it does have one, it's not acceptable for this group. This is a family friendly group.

that's basically it, folks! If I think of anymore, I'll let you know. please join and have fun!!!


P.S. Please tell your friends about this group!!!








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